5 February 2020

About Me

Aloha & Guten Tag! I am a Cloud Engineer with validated expertise in Azure and AWS, Virtualization (VMware and Nutanix), and in Windows domains and services. I have well over a decade of hands-on experience managing and administrating a large variety of systems. I also hold a Master’s degree in Information Systems, as well as many industry certifications. Currently working on expanding my skillsets in Cloud (both Azure and AWS) and automation.

I grew up in Southern California, Hawaii was home for twenty-plus years, and now living in the EU with my wife and family. I’m a proud father and I love to spend time with my family. I’m an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys everything from hiking to swimming. I like to drink my coffee black, enjoy my whiskey on the rocks, and I like to drink good beer – especially when I brew it myself. My newest hobby is Ham radio and I currently hold a general class license. I am an enthusiast of all things computer, electronic, and IT-related. I’m a tinkerer, so I enjoy using technology to solve problems, just as much as I enjoy taking things apart simply to see how they work.