18 December 2019

MDT loading to cmd prompt

I was running an MDT LiteTouch deployment and the computer kept getting stuck at a command prompt after loading into MDT environment. Normally it should have launched right into the LiteTouch wizard, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t want to go beyond this point on its own. I discovered two possible ways to circumvent it.

I had used this same means of deployment on other machines of the same make and model, with the same Task Sequence, so I knew it wasn’t a driver issue as many eluded to in the various forums I looked at. However, I went ahead and did an “ipconfig” and also tried to mount the MDT share using “net use“, just to make sure there was no network issues. net use z:\\<servername>\deploymentshare$ Well, it turned out that I did already have an IP address and the mapped drive was already in use. So how can I now get on with my deployment?

The first and possibly the easiest way was to just manually launch the LiteTouch. It is as straight forwards as it sounds. I entered the command below into my command prompt, and viola! The LiteTouch wizard came right up and I continued on my way. X:\windows\system32> Z:\scripts\LiteTouch.vbs

The second method, really isn’t any more difficult than the first. Sometimes a folder named “MININIT” already exists on the computer’s C: drive and it can cause issues when trying to do a new deployment. The way around that is just to wipe the drive and essentially start back at square one. Warning though – Following this method WILL erase the drive and wipe any data that is on it. While it probably doesn’t matter, as you’re stuck anyways, but it is just something to be aware of.

At the first Wizard window, press F8. Then type:

  1. Diskpart (enter)
  2. List disk (enter)
  3. Select disk 0 (choose your main OS disk) (enter)
  4. Clean (enter)
  5. Reboot and start your imaging process again.

After wiping the disk of any pre-existing partitions your next deployment attempt should go smoothly as it now has a blank HDD to work on.