20 December 2019

File management – Cisco Flash

When working on Cisco devices, sometimes you have to delete files from the device. It’s moreless the same on all Cisco devices. While there are other file systems available to you on your device (see first command listed), Cisco devices use “flash:” as their default file system. My examples will also use the default “flash:” but note that the commands will work the same on any other available file system, such as “usb0:“.

Show Available File Systems
Device# show file systems

Show Files
Device# dir flash:

Create Directory
Device# mkdir folder

Step into Directory
Device# cd folder

Delete File
Device# delete /force flash:/filename
Device# delete flash:/filename

Delete Directory
Device# delete /force /recursive flash:/folder

Copy File
Device# copy usb0:[/directory]/filename flash0:[/directory]/filename

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