4 December 2019

Office 365 in-“stalled” at 51%

Out of an entire organization, we had one single machine that had issues installing O365, it would always get stuck at “51%”. I even let tried letting it run for an entire weekend. The weird part was that it was a Win10 machine, and it was all up-to-date in terms of applying Windows Updates. The same ODT script worked perfectly fine for all the other machines that were a mix of Win8.1 & Win10.

So I gave the Office 365 uninstaller a whirl. It ran thru pretty quickly and said everything was removed. It ran so quick, it didn’t even seem like it did anything. I went ahead and tried my ODT script again. and voila – It worked!

So my only take away, is if you’re having issues with the installer “stalling” out, try MS’s uninstaller and try your install again.

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