26 May 2020

DuckDNS on UDM

Updated on 4/09/2022: There was a change in the way the DuckDNS settings get entered in the UDM.

I have set up my Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) and I am loving it. I’m diving into all of the settings that I can configure on my home network and one of the first things I’m setting up is Dynamic DNS (DDNS). This will allow me to reach my device/network remotely, regardless of the IP address that it has been assigned by my ISP.

The UDM can work with lots of different DDNS providers to accomplish this. Some DDNS services are free, whereas many are paid services. A quick google search will show you all the various sites that offer DDNS services. In this article, I am only going to cover how to use DuckDNS which is a free DDNS provider. Note: If you do use their service, I encourage you to support and donate to DuckDNS through any of the links at the bottom of their site.

Open your web browser and go to: https://www.duckdns.org/

Log into their site using your credentials from one of these sites: Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, or Google.

In the center of the page there is a spot to create a DuckDNS subdomain. This is where you will enter the unique name that you would like to use for your network, then click the green “add domain” button.

You will see your subdomain listed below.

In the upper part of the DuckDNS page, you should see a token listed.
Copy this token for later.

In your browser, open up your Unifi Contoller.

On your controller go to “Settings” -> “Advanced Features” -> “Advanced Gateway Settings” -> “Dynamic DNS”

UDM Dynamic DNS

Click on the button to “Create New Dynamic DNS”.
Enter the following settings:

  • interface: WAN
  • service: dyndns
  • hostname: <YourSubdomain>
  • username: nouser
  • password: nopassword
  • server: www.duckdns.org/update?domains=%h&token=<YourDuckDNStoken>

–For hostname, it is just going to be the subdomain name you created on DuckDNS. This field will not include the ‘.duckdns.org’ part at the end.
–For server, replace <YourDuckDNStoken> with your own token from your DuckDNS page.

Then click on “Done” button to save your settings.

UDM Dynamic DNS settings

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  1. By michael on

    Why doesn’t the UDM update duckdns with IP changes? Whenever my home ip changes I am always having to go to duckdns and update it myself. My settings are the same as you have, do you have any problems with it not updating on ip change?

    1. By IT PWWF on

      I have not experienced that issue. My IP stays pretty constant. I know it’s changed, for example when I updated my modem to a new model. But even then it updated with no issue.

  2. By Captainquark on

    Hi there,
    Seems to be outdated, the page looks very different now. I can provide a new screenshot if you like, just let me have your mail address.
    In the new interface, it is now under
    – Settings
    – Internet
    – click your WAN line and scroll down to “Dynamic DNS”
    – Select i.e. “dyndns” as a service
    – Hostname = your domain name without “.duckdns.org”
    – Username = nouser (do not put any other words there)
    – Password = nopassword (dito, type exactly like that)
    – Server = http://www.duckdns.org/update?domains=%h&ip=%i&token=REPLACE-WITH-YOUR-TOKEN

    1. By IT.PWWF (Post author) on

      Thanks for letting me know that changed… I confirmed on my UDM that this new way is working and I have updated the post.


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