3 August 2021

Restart Prism

You might have some problems with your Nutanix Prism someday and need to restart the Prism service without restarting your CVM or host or anything else. Whether it is super slow page loads, overall delay in the WebGUI, or some other problem. Thankfully you can safely restart the Prism service in a way that won’t have an impact your production environment.

SSH into any of your CVMs and run the line below.

curl http://0:2019/prism/leader && echo

It will reply back with the response of either {"leader":"x.x.x.x:9080","is_local":true} if it is the Prism leader or {"leader":"x.x.x.x:9080","is_local":false} if it is not the Prism leader. If it is not the leader, you will be able to see the IP address of the CVM you will need to connect to returned.

Now that you have SSHed into the Prism leader, you can run the command below to stop the service.

genesis stop prism

To re-start the Prism service, simply use this command.

cluster start

Your Prism is back up and running. Something to note is that the Prism leader may now be a different CVM, it does have to start up on the same CVM as before the restart. If you want to check which CVM is now residing as the leader, you can re-run the first command I mentioned and see what returns from the curl command.

Another handy command to know for just restarting the Genesis service is:

genesis restart

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