17 May 2024

Travel Related Prompts

ChatGPT and LLMs can be great resources for helping plan your next trip. These are some prompts that I have found and have used when planning trips, whether it’s looking for new ways to view stuff in my town, planning a road trips, or looking for tourist idea for an upcoming vacation.

Note: These prompts are just starting points… What worked for me probably will not be exactly what you need. Please, modify and tweak these prompts to suite your purpose and to help you find the answers you are looking for. If you discover something neat, by all means share. I’d love to hear/see what you did.

Going and visiting someplace new? This one has worked great for me to find what sort of activities are and experiences are available at the destination.

Going to ____ for ____ days in ____. Create me a table that breaks down top tourist activities, destinations, child friendly activities and dining experiences. The columns should be name, type of attraction, cost for two people, description of activity, distance in miles from ____. Have all options be less an ____ drive away.

This prompt is great for finding worth while stops along a circle road trip.

Make a table for a circle road trip itinerary beginning in ____, ending in ____, and returning to . The road trip should take days. There should be fewer than ____ hours of drive time between each stop. I want to spend 1 nights at each stop, so the stops should be good tourist destinations. Each stop should appear in the itinerary only once. However,  (insert your starting point)  can appear twice. Column 1 of the table should have the name of the stop. Column 2 should have the distance between this stop and the previous stop. Column 3 should have the drive time between this stop and the previous stop. Column 4 should list some tourist attractions at the stop in fewer than 20 words.

This is a great way to make a walking tour of someplace new you are visiting

Compose a 10-point walking tour of ____. Make a table. In the first column: Name of the point on the tour. Second column: Walking directions from the previous point on the tour. Third Column: distance from the previous point on the tour in [unit of distance]. Fourth column: Walking time from the previous point on the tour. Fifth Column: 50 words or fewer of interesting facts about the point on the tour. After the table, make a 100-word description of the tour and indicate the total distance and walking time.

Want some new scenery? Use ChatGPT to find some new hikes for you and rate their difficulty.

Make a table of day hikes in ____, with mileage, difficulty, amount of time needed, and a link to a site that describes the hike.

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