26 March 2020

Howto: Folding@Home – Linux

The Folding@Home (F@H) team has released v7 (currently v7.5.1) of their F@H software. It has a newer simpler graphical interface aimed at making it easier for people to install and contribute to the project. Here is how to make it run on your Linux computer. Linux has been growing in popularity as a desktop OS, so it’s great to see projects like this include it as a viable platform for contributing to F@H.

You can find F@H’s official documentation for Linux here – https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/installation-guides/linux/

Install F@H

I’m going to use a 64-bit Ubuntu v19.10 desktop to show you how to install F@H. You can download the latest Ubuntu Desktop versions here.

1. Download the installer from here: https://foldingathome.org/alternative-downloads/ (link opens in new tab)

2. Click on the “fahclient_7.5.1_amd64.deb” installer.

2. Allow the file to open with the default software installer.

3. Click the ‘Install’ button.

4. Enter your password, if asked, to allow the F@H client to get installed.

5. Enter your F@H user and passkey, then click ‘Next’.
*Make sure to check the box to automatically start the FAHClient.

6. The install itself should be really quick.

7. Open a browser on your Linux machine and in the address bar go to:

It will open the F@H webgui where you can watch your work progress or adjust settings.

8. Just like that you are contributing to F@H! The client will be running as a service in the background.

I know that I left my F@H username and passkey in my post. Go ahead and use my F@H username & passkey if you really want to… It just means my F@H user will get credit for any folding you do.

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